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Advantages of Being Small

Bless You!

Sorry, the 30mph winds we've been having is causing so much sneezing that "bless you" feels like a greeting.

It's the second week of spring and things seem to be looking up, don't you think?

Baseball is starting. Sporting events are slowly letting fans back into the stands. People are more than ready to return to normal as the vaccine(s) rollout.

As I was putting together this newsletter for you, I came across this year's Edelman's Trust Barometer (see below). It reminded me of the advantages small businesses enjoy.

The stats in the report show good news for business. They seemed skewed towards bigger businesses - I believe the trust metrics are even better for small businesses.

Since we're smaller than big business, we're more nimble. More able to stay in touch with our customers. To earn their trust and quickly develop new products and services to meet their needs.

You've heard countless stories of how small businesses shifted - out of sheer necessity - during the pandemic. And how their customers, whose trust they've earned, help support them in the last year.

I'm excited to see how small business owners (like you) use the past year's lessons to continue to evolve and grow their businesses.

Which lessons will help you the most as we move forward? Hit reply and let me know.



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