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The Dreaded Megalist

Another one popped its ugly head into my inbox today.

As a student of marketing and advertising, I sign up for a lot of lists and offers. So maybe I get more of them than you do.

I hope so.

Because no one needs

  • "151 Marketing Hacks"
  • Or "52 Types of Marketing Strategies"
  • Or "64 Creative Ideas to Boost Your Business"

I understand why people (mostly marketing folks) create these megalists.

But for people like you and me, they're really not that helpful.

I mean, do you even have enough time to read 151 hacks? Never mind trying to figure out how to apply them to your business.

Having too many options will often cause more harm than good

  • by inflicting paralysis by analysis or
  • flitting from tactic to tactic, never fully testing one, then deciding that "marketing doesn't work."

Rather than adding the latest megalist to your "someday I'll get to it" pile, focus on the ones.

4 of them, to be exact:

  1. One way to attract traffic. Paid (e.g., advertising) or Free (e.g., referrals)
  2. One way to convert traffic into Leads.
  3. One offer - to convert Leads into Clients.
  4. One follow-up system - because only 3% of buyers are ready to buy now, but ~50% of those who inquire buy what they inquired about within 18 months.

Tackle those first before you start tinkering with items from the latest megalist.

Yours for smarter marketing,



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