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What's your Taco Tuesday?

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Were you able to take some time off to relax?

It's been raining a lot here lately. The water levels should be nice and high when it comes time to take the kayak out in the next week or two.

Last time I made a passing reference to workday theming, along with a promise to explain more. So here goes.

Themeing (in this context) means working on a particular type of task on certain days.

It's the same idea as "Taco Tuesday" when it comes to meal planning.

So you might have:

  • Client Mondays
  • Content Tuesdays
  • Delivery Wednesdays
  • Marketing Thursdays
  • Education Fridays
  • Systems Saturdays

Those are just examples, but you get the idea.

For me, the important thing is sticking to those theme days. Which means:

  • Not playing with a CRM when I should be creating content
  • Not doing client work when I should be marketing my business
  • Not fiddling with my website when I should be doing client work

Themeing helps me say no (or not yet) - keeping me focused on the $1,000+/hr tasks that will make a difference in my business.

How do you stay focused on your most important tasks with all the different hats you wear?

Hit reply - I'd love to know.



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