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Decisions, Decisions

Got big plans for the holiday weekend?

Me? I'm going to try to put my camera in front of some interesting places and or people.

I've always been fascinated with how people decide where to go and what to do during their time off.

  • There's tradition - "We've been doing that ever since I was a kid"
  • Adventure - "We always try to go someplace new"
  • Peer Pressure - "All our friends keep telling us we should go"
  • Some enjoy huge gatherings of family and friends
  • Others like to get away to enjoy some solitude
  • Some plan months in advance
  • Others (cough), not so much

Everyone has their way of making a decision.


I've never talked to anyone who made their vacation plans based on a list of pros and cons.

They may have made that list afterward:

  • to justify their decision.
  • Or to convince a spouse or family member.
  • to make sure they get their biggest Return on Entertainment.

This logic part always comes after the emotional part.

Just something to tuck in the back of your brain. As your talking to people this weekend, listen for clues about how they make decisions.

So when you come back on Tuesday, you'll have a better understanding of how people decide to buy (or not buy) your products and services.

Be safe, and have a great weekend!



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