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Your B's Knees

Not too long ago, I was falling down one of those YouTube rabbit holes.

You know, the ones where you suddenly think, "wait, what time is it?"

Somehow, I landed on a video from Stan Efferding.

Stan is (was?) a competitive bodybuilder. He helps people with fitness, diet, and wellness issues.

Stan was talking about all of the problems he had with his knees. And all of the different things he tried to "fix" them.

I'll fast-forward right past the descriptions of the various knee injections he tried.

Stan finally cured his knee problems with a simple 3 step approach:

  1. Eliminate the source
  2. Find pain free movement
  3. Move a lot

As soon as I heard those 3 steps, I thought...

What a great approach for marketing your business.

Many business owners tell me how they "hate" some of the activities they have to do.

"Have to" because some "expert" said so.

Then they beat themselves up (mentally) because they don't do that activity as often as they "should."

(Last set of quotation marks today, I promise <g>).

We are blessed (cursed?) with a myriad of ways to market our businesses. There's no need to force yourself into one that causes you pain or discomfort.

If marketing is causing you pain, try Stan's advice:

  1. Eliminate the source - stop doing the activity that is painful for you. Chances are you won't do it very well or consistently anyway.
  2. Find a pain-free way - choose a marketing activity you enjoy doing.
  3. Do that activity a lot. Think frequency AND consistency. Don't burn out in the first week or two.

Before you try complicated reconstructive surgery on your marketing, give Stan's simple approach a try.

Yours for smarter marketing,



P.S. - I can't help you with your knees, but if your marketing needs some rehab help, give me a shout.

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