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WTH Was That?!

It "looked like a guy falling off the back of a truck."

That's how one journalist described it.

But 53 years ago today, Dick Fosbury used his awkward-looking technique to win a gold medal, set an Olympic record, and change his sport forever.

Fosbury invented his flop out of necessity.

While in high school, he found he was terrible at the traditional scissors kick, belly-roll, and the straddle - the "accepted techniques" of the day.

Instead of giving up, Fosbury found a way that worked for him.

That type of resilience is why I love working with small business owners so much. When something isn't working, they don't give up. Instead, they find a way that works for them.

Even if that means ignoring what everyone else is doing.

Which I think is an excellent lesson for us marketers.

Rather than trying to do everything the experts say you MUST do...

(which is virtually impossible for a small biz owner)

find the one or two things that deliver results for you.

And if none of the standard practices fit, change them.

Yours for smarter marketing,



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