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Your Clients Are Not All Equal

Do you remember learning about the Pareto Principle?

That rule stating that 80% of results come from 20% of the causes?

Everyone knows the 80/20 rule. But how often do you apply it in your business?

For example, according to Pareto, 20% of your clients will spend 4X the money of the average of your other 80%.

And 4% of your clients will spend 16X your average client lifetime value.

In other words, some of your clients are willing to spend a lot more with you - if you offer the right services.

Unfortunately, most business owners focus on pricing their services as cheaply as possible for everyone.

Then they talk about "scaling" - adding more clients at cheap rates.

But a few focus on creating results for the 20% who are willing to pay more.

You have to change how you market and sell to reach these 20% clients, but when you do, it's an easier way to grow your profits.

The 80/20 rule applies to more than just pricing. So when you look at your business through the lens of 80/20, you'll see all sorts of opportunities.

Be part of the 20% who actually take action.

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