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Independence Day Every Day

How was your 4th?

Did you blow stuff up? Or did you relax and hang out?

I mostly relaxed- caught up on some reading, and snuck in a few rounds of golf.

I like to walk when I golf, so I had to wait until the evenings when the temps got down into the low 90s. Even though it was hot, it was still fun - but hard to hold the clubs when my hands are that sweaty.

Of course, those who don't like to golf regularly will think I'm crazy for spending my time that way. Even the folks who work at the course look at me like I'm nuts when I tell them I'm walking.

Sort of like the way family and friends, who've never worked for themselves, might look at you when you explain what you do at the holiday cookout.

Never worry about those who don't get it. Not everyone can walk the path you're on.

And just because you're independent doesn't mean you have to go it alone.



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