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Vacation Marketing Lessons

Hey there marketer,

I just returned from a wonderful vacation/work trip to Florida's First Coast.

I learned a ton of great stuff during the AWAI Copwriter's Bootcamp. I'll be sharing some of those lessons in the coming weeks.

I also met Glenn in person - someone I've known virtually since 2011 when I conducted a Brand Audit for his business. Glenn is a fellow marketer and photographer check out his work here.

Speaking of photography, I got to make images of beautiful places. And a few strange ones - scroll to the bottom for a sample.

In addition to the great info I soaked up at the conference, I also found some valuable lessons in the Airbnb where I stayed. Lessons that apply to all of our businesses.

I'm working on an entire blog post about this, but here are the highlights:

  • Quick to Respond - I had a few minor questions before making my reservation, and they were quick to reply with helpful information.
  • Personalization - I was greeted with a personalized, handwritten card when I arrived.
  • Something extra - they left a surprise gift for me.
  • Sold the experience - they provided plenty of information to help me get the most out of my stay (purchase)
  • FAQs - they anticipated questions and answered them before they became a problem (how come this fan won't turn on)
  • Testimonial Wall - a great collection of notes from past guests
  • Rules of the Relationship - they clearly defined the rules of the relationship. Setting expectations for both sides upfront is something most businesses overlook.

The experience was a great reminder of how good marketing doesn't stop once you make the sale.

If the list above were a checklist, how many items would you be able to tick off the list?

Hit reply. I'd love to know.



P.S. - I'll let you know when I post the more detailed version on my blog.

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Snake Hat?

If you wander down the right alley in St. Augustine, you can try on this snake as a hat - if you're into that sort of thing.

photo credit - Bill Brelsford

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