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Is your marketing backpack overstuffed?

Hey there, camper,

I just finished packing for a 9-day trip to FL. It reminded me of my first extended backpacking trip.

Back then, my "be prepared for anything" approach to packing left me with a heavy backpack weighted down with gear that saw little use.

In hindsight, I didn't need a lot of that stuff. And the trip would have been easier if I had left most of it behind.

It's a lot like marketing your business.

First, you make a plan. - form a strategy.

Your strategy is the series of decisions you will make to help you get from point A to point B.

Then you start selecting tactics to help execute your plan.

Marketers love tactics like backpackers love gear.

They love to collect them. Stay on top of the latest releases. Compare with their friends.

And, in the beginning, they shove WAY TOO MUCH stuff into their metaphorical marketing backpack.

But over time, we learn that we don't need all of that stuff.

We need a few things that we know will work. Things that we use over and over again because we know that they work.

We use our favorite things a LOT - because we enjoy using them.

And we quickly ditch the stuff that doesn't.

It's time to start planning for your Q4 "trip". Which marketing tactics will you rely on?

And which will you ditch?

Hit reply - I'd love to know.



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