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Big Rocks

"If the big rocks don't go in first, they are not going to fit in later."

~ Stephen Covey

Sometimes those big rocks are business goals.

But more often than not, they are the WHYs behind the reason we decided to go into business for ourselves.

They are the reasons we seek more freedom of time and money.

But it's easy to get trapped inside our business.

To end up with a business that takes over our life, rather than supporting the life we want.

As we enter the planning season for the coming year, make sure you put the big rocks in your plan (and your schedule) first.

Otherwise, they won't fit in later.



P.S. - I'm putting the final touches on the 2023 planning tool and training my clients use to schedule their big rocks first. If you'd like a copy, reply to this email, and I'll send you a copy.

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