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Hitting the UnPause Button

What's up buttercup?

I've been living with that earworm from the Foundations in my head for the last few days. Thanks, Progressive tv commercials!

We're almost halfway through May already, can you believe it?

Have you been able to unpause and get back to business?

I'm lucky enough to have clients scattered across the country.

It's been interesting to see how different communities are affected by the current unpleasantness. 

Some folks are as busy as ever. Others are still struggling.

I spoke to a guy in Toronto who's been on lockdown so long I'm amazed he hasn't gone stir crazy.

I think the reason he hadn't (or one of the reasons) is he focused on maintaining his habits and routines.

He told me there were so many things going on that are outside of his control that he decided to focus on those things he could control.

I think that is great advice. It reminded me of something I learned in sales training - focus on behaviors (our actions and mindset) rather than outcomes. We can't control outcomes, but we can heavily influence them with our behaviors.

It was a great reminder for me. Hope you find it helpful.

Have a great day!



P.S. - Looks like the extra images in last week's edition were not a hit. They're gone for now, but hit reply and let me know if you miss them.

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When I was a kid...

I had to lug one of these around - uphill & in the snow. It wasn't exactly this model (think it was a Compaq), but carrying it through airports when I was an auditor was a thrill. Wish my firm had gotten the model with the bike ;)

photo credit: Vintage Ad browser

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