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The Noogie Conversion

Here's how to grow your business. (insert tongue in cheek)

Take out your list of prospects. Find the first person on your list. Put him in a headlock and give him noogies until he "converts" into a client.

Rinse & Repeat.


But people try to force prospects to become clients all the time.

Here's an example straight from my inbox from someone wanting to sell me their LinkedIn services.

"Hi Bill, I sent you a LinkedIn invite, we should talk."

"Hi Bill, Following up with you here. Is there a time that works for a high level chat this week?"

"Hi Bill, Wanted to come at this from another angle." <- see her noogie arm getting tired.

"Hi Bill, I'm calling you out: you're using LinkedIn wrong."

Those were only the openers. The rest of the emails were as you'd expect - full of self-aggrandizing claims and cliche "closes".

What the sender didn't realize is that, in reality, there's practically nothing you can do to convince anybody to "convert" (or do anything else) unless they already want to.

What you CAN do is find the people who already want what you sell.

So if you want to grow your business, start working to DISCOVER who your clients are.

Because you can't noogie someone into converting.

Your's for smarter marketing.



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