Quick Tip


I'm not going to miss it.

The host won't have to bombard me with the typical:

  • We're starting tomorrow
  • Join us in 1 hour
  • We're on in 15 minutes
  • Are you coming?

Because she did something very interesting...

She got me to think about how I'll USE the training AFTER I get it.

Not just think about it. PICTURE it.

I made a mental commitment.

Marketers like to call this future pacing.

That's a fancy NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) term. NLP sounds more professional at cocktail parties than "Jedi Mind Trick."

Future pacing is about getting people to use their imagination to see what's possible in their future.

It's an excellent tool for connecting with the emotional side of decision-making.

It's also a great tool for achieving your goals.

So instead of trying to coerce your prospects...

Or browbeating yourself for not achieving your goals...

Try a little future pacing.

And secretly smile when everyone at the cocktail party is impressed by your $5 words and how much you have achieved.

Maybe don't be as heavy-handed with it as I just was ;)

Yours for smarter marketing,



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20th Anniversary

Last Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Visit the 9/11 museum website

photo credit - JIN S. LEE via 911 museum

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