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Make it a No-Brainer

Have you ever forgotten to add baking soda when making muffins?

I'm not saying that I have (I have), but I hear they come out flat.


Nobody wants them.

Sort of like some marketing campaigns.

And like flat muffins, many campaigns fall flat because they are missing a key ingredient.

If you go online to ask how to fix your marketing campaign, you'll get lots of "advice":

  • you need SEO
  • try Facebook Ads
  • get Clickfunnels

Which is a little like saying people will eat your crappy muffins if you put them on a fancier plate.

Your delivery method doesn't matter until you have an offer that converts.

Here are some questions to ask to make sure your offer has all of the essential ingredients:

  • Is my offer clear and concise - easy to understand?
  • Is my offer easy to obtain? Or does the reader have to jump through several hoops to get it?
  • Have I spelled out exactly what the reader will have to pay? Including money, time, and effort?
  • Is it clear how long it will take? To receive the product, get started, or see results?
  • Is there a clear reason to buy now?

Use these questions to make your offer a no-brainer.

I've made myself hungry with all of this muffin talk, time to go dig up some breakfast. Enjoy this week's tips.

Yours for smarter marketing



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500,000 Lego bricks became a promotion for an upcoming Formula 1 race.

Watch a timelapse of the car being built

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Wandering Wally

When you're a famous walrus in Europe, they give you a boat.

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