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Defend This At All Costs

"You are the only one who will look out for your own time."

That quote has stuck with me over the years.

It’s great advice for everyone.

It’s super important if you are a business owner, consultant, salesperson, or freelancer.

Anyone who only gets to “eat what they kill.”

Protecting Your Review Time

There are a lot of great time management tools, systems, and apps out there.

I'm not here to tell you which one you should choose.

But I would like to share something I've noticed over the years. I've seen it in my business and in many of my clients'.

Something that can derail any time management system.

Whenever you implement a time (or task) management system you have to put something off.

It doesn't matter if you follow Covey, GTD, Agile, Time Blocking, or the Eisenhower Matrix...

  • You work on the YESes
  • You drop the NOs
  • You manage the LATERs


Most people don’t manage the LATERs. They organize them.

They put them on a list

  • on a special page on their planner
  • in a folder on their computer
  • on their Trello or Kanban board

They get them out of sight. And out of mind.

But if you don’t set aside time to review and manage the LATERs...

Things fall apart.

Deadlines are missed. Important things won’t get done. Opportunities fall through the cracks.

You sacrifice free time to “catch up”.

Don’t do that!

You must create and defend your time for reviewing your LATERs and manage your calendar.

Non-negotiable time.

Uninterruptible time.

If you don’t, no time management system will “work for you”.

Defend your calendar!



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