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Your Starving Crowd

The story goes like this.

Legendary marketing copywriter Gary Halpert once asked a room of students:

"If you and I both owned a hamburger stand and we were in a contest to see who could sell the most hamburgers, what advantages would you most like to have on your side to help you win?"

The answers rang out:

  • "Quality meat"
  • "Great location"
  • "Secret Sauce"

Gary told them they could have all of those advantages, BUT...they would still lose.

Because Gary would save the biggest advantage for himself.

The one everyone failed to mention.

A Starving Crowd.

Finding the right people. That's step one.

Find the people hungry for your offer and you won't need marketing gimmicks or clever copy to make sales.

So, who's your starving crowd?

Yours for smarter marketing,



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