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No Stinkin' Badges

"Getting referrals is not a badge of honor."

That's an actual subject line from an email in my inbox.

Judging by how many times I've received it, this must be the latest tactic taught at SPAM-U.

I won't bore you with the rest of the email, but they go on to demonstrate how much they DON'T understand about referrals.

Not every business needs to scale to thousands of customers.

There are plenty of successful businesses that generate most, if not all, of their business by referral.

"By referral-only" is still a viable strategy.

I get that you may not want to put all of your "eggs in one basket." But creating a referral system is a basic marketing fundamental.

Back to the email. To me, it demonstrates 2 common misunderstandings about referrals.

The first is WHY people refer.

People do not refer their friends and colleagues because they want to help your business.

Ok, maybe your mom does. And a few others.

But most people make referrals because they want to help their friends.

Second, businesses that grow by referral don't sit around waiting for referrals to trickle in.

They actively orchestrate referrals.


By creating a system that routinely:

  • Helps people recognize conversations about what you do
  • Helps them remember you - and that you can help
  • Makes it easy for them to introduce you to them

With apologies to President Kennedy...

Don't ask which of their friends can help you - ask how you can help them help their friends.

Do that in a systematic, consistent way and orchestrate more referrals for your business.

Yours for smarter marketing,



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