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Don't Describe a Giraffe to a Zookeeper

That's a line from a marketing newsletter I read this week.

The article was about the importance of matching your message to the level of knowledge of your prospects.

Most of us sell to prospects who are Solution Aware.

Solution Aware means prospects know that solutions to their problems exist. But they don't know about your solution yet.

They know giraffes exist.

They need to know what makes the giraffe you're selling unique.

How is your solution different?

The question your marketing needs to answer is...

"If I am your ideal client, why should I buy from you rather than one of your competitors?"

Business owners know about accounting services. What makes your accounting services different?

They know sales trainers exist. Tell them how your sales training is different.

Building owners know they can hire commercial cleaning companies. Tell them how your commercial cleaning is different.

Yes, educational marketing is important, BUT...

Don't waste time describing giraffes to zookeepers.

Have a great weekend!



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