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The Crash That Convinced Me

Remember the telecom crash of the early 2000s?

It's one of the reasons I became a marketing consultant.

I was doing custom software development in KC at the time, which has a lot of telecom-related businesses.

During that time I saw a lot of businesses struggle (some failed) because 90% or more of their revenue came from one big client.

Life was good when they had those clients.

The revenue poured in.

People were busy.

There didn't seem to be a need to work on building a pipeline for new business.

But then things turned...and the work went away.

Suddenly, businesses that had not been marketing needed to find new customers. Fast.

Which is hard to do when you're also cutting costs.

Seeing my clients (and the company I worked for) facing this struggle is what made me want to help people apply a systematic process to marketing.

I'm not suggesting that today's concern about the economy will lead to a similar type of crash.

But I do know that businesses that steadily and consistently build their pipeline fare better than those who wait until they need new business.

Give me a shout if you'd like some help with that.



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