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The Stuff That Used To Work

We business owners like to try new things.

We want to know what's new. Where the new opportunities lie.

Sometimes, that leads us to forget about the stuff that already works.

Tell me if this sounds familiar -

"Ya, we used to do that. It worked really well. I can't remember why we stopped doing it."

I know I've done it.

I've heard plenty of my clients say they've done it.

Whenever I start working with a new coaching client, I like to apply the "start with what you have" principle (yes, I'm allowed to make up principles šŸ˜‰)

Most of us have marketing assets that we can leverage:

  • Letters or ads that worked in the past
  • Neglected contact lists and stacks of old business cards
  • Former clients we've never approached about a second project

Keep looking at those new, shiny objects. I won't judge.

But when you find something that works, lean into it.

Do more of it.

Systematize it so it will keep working while you're looking for the next big thing.

That's all for today. Have a great weekend!



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