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What's the goal?

Let’s say that someone downloads your “lead magnet” - a special report, checklist, etc. - from your website. You know you need to follow up, but what is the goal of your follow-up?

Is it to:

  1. Get them to read the report? OR
  2. Determine if they are a 5-star prospect?

A lot of follow-up emails focus on getting people to consume the content. Emails that start like this:

  • Did you forget your report?
  • Did you see the big secret on page 2?
  • What did you think of tip #3 on page 21?

In almost every case, you’d be better off sending follow-up messages that help you determine your 5-star prospects. Here’s why:

First, if your lead magnet is titled correctly, it should attract the right people. The fact that they downloaded or requested your report should tell you that they have some interest in the problem(s) you solve.

Your next step is to determine if they are a 5-star prospect. Meaning:

  1. They’re willing to engage in a conversation with you.
  2. They’re friendly and cooperative.
  3. They know what they want.
  4. They’re ready to get it.
  5. They want you to help them.

These are the folks you want to be engaging in sales conversations.

Like anything in marketing, there is more than one way to accomplish this. The only real "mistake" is trying to jump right to #5 - without first determining stars 1-4.

Remember, most people who make an inquiry aren't ready to buy right away - but many of them will buy in the next 3 to 12 months.

So the trick is to identify those who are ready to buy now are without scaring away those who aren't ready yet.

Most of my clients start with a series of 6 emails over 14 days. We construct these messages to help identify and help the “Now” buyers without turning off the “Not Yet” buyers.

Then, we make sure that their flagship emails (long-term follow-up) contain "easy to start" offers so that when people are ready, they know exactly what to do next.

Give me a shout if you'd like any help. with your follow-up sequences.



P.S. - have a great holiday weekend!

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