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Marketing GAS

In photography, we have this "affliction" called Gear Acquisition Syndrome" or GAS.

It's the progressive loss of the ability to resist buying new "stuff."

Musicians suffer from this as well (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome).

And marketers.

For marketers, the "gear" is usually tech. This year the big marketing tech toy has been AI. And with all the recent hoopla about ChatGPT, AI will continue to be in the news in 2023.

AI will continue to give us powerful tools to help market our business. But the important thing to remember is that they are just tools.

Just like buying a $9k camera (without a lens) won't turn you into a National Geographic Photographer, AI writing tools won't automatically turn you into an A-list copywriter.

Marketing fundamentals are fundamentals for a reason.

Early adopters of AI may feel like they have an advantage. But as these tools become mainstream, it will still be the marketers who understand and apply the fundamentals who will come out on top.

So, yes, give these new toys a whirl. Particularly now, why they are free (or cheap).

Just don't forget about the fundamentals.

Merry Christmas! Try to stay warm in these ridiculous wind-chill conditions.



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